Psychometric Assessments

Cognitive (IQ) assessments are available for individuals from 2.5 to 90 years of age.

Adaptive assessments are conducted in conjunction with cognitive assessments in order to ascertain the individual’s emotional and behavioural well-being, as well as to determine their functional skills in day-to-day life.

Academic assessments may be incorporated into assessments for children from 4 years of age, depending on the nature of the referral. Academic assessments can also be conducted independent of cognitive and adaptive assessments.

Socio-emotional assessments and social communication screeners may be incorporated depending on the nature of the referral to assess the social and emotional functioning of the individual.

Psychometric assessments such as those listed above can be used to:

  • Identify learning disabilities such as reading disorders and mathematical disorders
  • Identify gifted and talented children
  • Identify intellectual disabilities
  • Identify the influence of the individual’s social and emotional functioning on broader functioning
  • Guide appropriate school-placement
  • Determine individual patterns of intellectual strength and weakness
  • Provide recommendations to optimize effective learning and development
  • Identify the need for any further testing for specific conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorders

What assessments are used?

Australian standardised Wechsler tools (WISC-V/WPPSI-IV/WAIS-IV and WIAT-III) are used to assess cognitive (IQ) and academic ability respectively, and the Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System, 3rd Edition (ABAS-III) is used to assess adaptive skills. The Behavior Assessment System for Children, 3rd Edition (BASC-3) assesses behavioural and emotional functioning of people aged between 2 and 21 years.

What is involved in a psychometric assessment?

Assessments involve the following:

  • Following an initial brief phone consultation, a one hour appointment will be scheduled to gather additional background information and determine with the person making the referral what question they are hoping the assessment will answer.
  • Based on the first appointment, a quote will be prepared outlining which assessments are required in order to answer the referral question, and costing for this assessment bundle.
  • An assessment session/sessions will be scheduled with the individual. These generally last between 45 and 90 minutes for cognitive assessments and/or 30 to 80 minutes for academic assessments.
  • Parent, teacher and/or self-rating adaptive forms, socio-emotional and social communication screeners are usually completed prior to the assessment but assistance can be provided if needed.
  • An assessment report (including assessment results and recommendations for future directions) is provided within 2 weeks of the assessment
  • An in-person feedback session with the person who made the referral to discuss the results and recommendations can be scheduled if desired.


The cost of assessment varies based on the referral question and needs of the individual. Prices generally start at $1500.  Please contact Lynley to discuss further.

Please note: Assessments may be included under NDIS service agreements (charged according to an hourly rate) if in alignment with the individual’s NDIS goals.

Lynley does not currently offer Autism Diagnostic Assessments.

Please direct all enquiries about assessments to Lynley

directly via email:


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